Sprint Cup Schedule


Fans have something to rejoice about; the sprint cup schedule for the next season is out.NASCAR sprint cup series has always been in controversies for one reason or another. But the announcement of the next sprint cup schedule only strengthens the fact that criticisms cannot deter the spirit of the people and the sprint cup will continue to take place for several years to come.

On the eve of the announcement of the sprint cup schedule, it is important to know the criticisms that have now become a part and parcel of the series. The criticisms are as follows:

Sprint Cup Schedule
  • It is said that the sprint cup series poses a serious threat to the environment. About 6,000 U.S. gallons of fuel are consumed during a typical Sprint Cup weekend. For the 2006 season, which included 36 points races, the total for the season would have been 216,000 U.S. gallons. One environmental critic recently estimated NASCAR’s total fuel consumption across all series at 2 million U.S. gallons of gas for one season.
  • There has also been heavy criticism of the tracks. From the late 1990s, and into the early 2000s, a number of new tracks were built and became part of the NASCAR sprint cup schedule. This resulted in new tracks hosting more races or all the races and the old tracks were thus excluded. Darlington Raceway which hosted the Southern 500,North Wilkesboro Speedway  is no longer a part of the NASCAR schedule, and so is North Carolina Speedway which held its last race in 2004 .It had been in operation for nearly 40 years!!.
  • The NASCAR sprint cup schedule includes events a too many as compared to other racing series. For this, the NASCAR sprint cup schedule has come under the radar of the critics.
  • NASCAR uses a race event called “caution” at the sole discretion of the race administrators. In such an event, drivers are limited to certain maneuvers. The general purpose of this event is to reduce risk when track conditions deteriorate. The number of cautions per race in the Sprint Cup Series has increased and so has the number of crashes per race. Fans and competitors are only left to speculate the importance of such cautions and are only left to wonder if such cautions are for cleaning actual debris or are being used to keep the cars tightly packed in an effort to boost fan interest. A disturbing fact is that an unnecessary caution at the appropriate time could affect a driver’s strategy and thus, the outcome of the race. In April 2007, driver Tony Stewart said on his own radio show, “It’s like playing God. They can almost dictate the race instead of the drivers doing it…I don’t know that they’ve run a fair race all year.”

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Despite all such criticisms, the sprint cup schedule for the upcoming season has been announced and at the end it is the spirit of the game that has won.

Find the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule including dates, times, locations, and tickets.

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